Leave the Ladder in Your Shed: Let the Experts Decorate

We provide Christmas light installation services in Monmouth & Ocean County

Let's face it. Twinkling Christmas lights are one of the best parts of the holiday season, but they aren't easy for you to install. You have to haul out a ladder, then climb up to the eaves of your roof. Then you have to climb down, move the ladder, and repeat the process around your building.

Luckily, you won't have to do it again this year. Royal Pane Window Cleaning, LLC can do the Christmas light installation for you in Monmouth & Ocean County. Without lifting a finger, you can enjoy:

  • White icicle lights
  • Multicolored lights
  • Red and white candy cane lights
  • Illuminated gates and trellises
Our team members, who are used navigating around homes to clean windows, will hang your lights quickly and carefully.

Christmas light installation Ocean County & Monmouth County NJ

Don't hesitate to schedule your installation

You might not have begun counting down the days on an Advent calendar yet, but it's not too early to schedule Christmas light installation. Our appointment slots fill up quickly! Call 609-756-4366 today.